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Euskaltzaleen Topagunea is a movement of hundreds of pro-Basque associations and groups. It is a diverse social movement that organises projects of different kinds, centring on social participation at local level in the Basque Country.

Topagunea consists of a group of associations, citizens and employees who work to promote the Basque language. Thanks to all their efforts, the space occupied by Basque in everyday life is growing.


Euskaltzaleen Topagunea is a language community committed to building a people who want to live in Basque



The Euskaltzal movement has had two goals right from the start:

  • Organisation of Euskaltzals in villages
  • Creating tools to enable the Basque-speaking community to live in Basque, carving out spaces and uses for Basque.



Euskaltzaleen Topagunea started out in 1996, but the first Basque language associations were set up and spread in the mid-80s. The movement that sprang up at that time began to launch new slogans and ideas:

“Knowing Basque is not enough. If it is to survive, it has to be used anywhere, anytime.”



Transforming our surroundings in a positive way. On the basis of critical optimism, we set out to deal with possible conflicts or issues in Basque society.


In movement

We concentrate on constant innovation and we are always taking on new challenges. Our environment will change rapidly, but we will not be left behind.

Doing and influencing

We create and sustain the spaces, functions, initiatives and services the Basques need to live.

Proximity and networking

On a grassroots basis, we are a growing community; compact, empowered and networked. We set out to build bridges to other languages and cultural communities.


Anybody can find out about the decisions we take. We also openly share information and how we manage resources.


This is a diverse social movement in terms of both nature and organisation. Coexistence is the basis of its different areas of work. The core of the Euskaltzal movement is Basque-speaking, but it is committed to linguistic diversity.


Basque associations working collectively



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