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Euskaltzaleen Topagunea organises and promotes an extensive variety of projects. They all have one thing in common: the Basque language. At the same time, they are very diverse in terms of objectives and target groups.

Our main goal is to promote the use of the Basque language, and to that end, we strive to have an impact on different areas of life, targeting different social groups and partnering with a range of stakeholders.

One of the main roles of the Basque associations is to create spaces and activities for living in the Basque language. To this end, the Basque language associations’ strategy has been to influence different areas of life and society.

  • The Basque associations movement’s work is wide-ranging.
  • Local associations have organised around several areas of work.

Classification isn’t easy, since some initiatives fall outside any one category, but you’ll find Euskaltzaleen Topagunea’s current main areas of work here.


Leisure and free time

Leisure time plays a major role in interpersonal relations and language practice. Leisure is both a tool and a field of action for promoting the language.


Activities are organised that promote linguistic and cultural diversity, using Basque as a language of bonding.

Local media

 A broad network of media outlets, promoted by the euskaltzales movement, provide local information in Basque. These are local media outlets that inform the public about relevant issues in Basque.


Because language and culture are inextricably linked, there are a full range of activities designed to promote creativity and cultural productions in Basque.


The projects created to practise Basque connect people who live in Basque with those who don’t have the opportunity to practice the language on a daily basis.


Initiatives are promoted to increase citizens’ awareness about the Basque language and initiatives to influence the linguistic practices of all kinds of organisations.

We have different projects for each field of work, get to know them!


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